It's been half a year since I went social-media free but I can already see it’s big impact in my life. For me, it’s being able to do things without having the need for constant validation as well as not getting fed up with the negative energy from internet people, that really made me not come back to it.

I was suffering and had no one to talk to. I stopped talking to anyone from my circle. I lost my confidence. I stopped taking photos of myself. I even stopped using my own photo as my display photo. I stopped posting song covers and deleted them all. I even quit my blog. If you know me personally, you’ll know it was that bad.

What about my mutuals? What about the memories I made? How am I going to reach my friends anymore? Blah blah blah. These were the questions in my head. It was a hard decision. But it was a decision I needed to make for the sake of my mental health. And it was all worth it.

To be honest, it took me quite some time before I decided to finally quit as in delete my twitter quit. But I still did in the end. And I’m not gonna even lie, I have never felt so refreshed before. I am just loving the no social-media life.

I can’t say I’m not suffering anymore in the present. It doesn’t just go away like that. But I am probably doing better than last year. The fact that I am getting back the courage to put my thoughts again somewhere in the cyberspace says something, right? Heh.

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