I love to sing.

But I am afraid I'm slowly losing my ability to do so thanks to this pandemic. I tried looking up some ways how to restore voice that have been on rest for a long time but I can't apply what's written there. I mean, I can't just go doing vocalizations whenever I like in this house and that's what sucks the most. I am aware that the only way for my voice to get back is to sing but I can't and that's causing me so much distress. It's already gotten to the point that it's affecting my mental health now. I am trying to be calm and positive but I don't know how much longer will I be able to keep it up.

I read an article that drinking warm water and ginger tea helps so I recently started drinking ginger tea every morning as part of my plan to restore my voice but I am not putting all my faith on it. I know myself what I need the most and it's to exercise my vocal chords. Still, there's no harm in trying so I'm going to continue my ginger tea mornings and observe what will happen to my throat for a while.

I am not a genius. Singing is the only thing I am confident of because it's the only thing I excel at and I will never be able to accept it if I lose my voice just like that. I really hope it becomes better. I really hope that I'd be able to sing again.

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