My favorite cat, Kuma, is the sweetest cat I've ever met. Every morning, he wakes me up with his loud meow and even climbs up my bed just to wake me up. And if he fails to wake me up, he lays down beside me and goes to sleep as well.

Kuma is also the most gentle cat I've ever met. He doesn't care what you do to him. You can even rub his belly without fear. You can even use his belly as your pillow. I do that all the time but he still doesn't care.

But Kuma is also the most stubborn cat I've ever met. Maybe it's because I spoiled him too much? You see, when my mom cleans up the fish she bought from the market, Kuma jumps on the sink and watches my mom clean everything. He doesn't care if he gets soaked with water. I think he's not scared of water at all. Sometimes, when he feels like it, he even sleeps there on the sink. When I try to scold him, he just ignores me. Maybe he knows I can't get mad at him.

And how can I forget about it? Kuma is actually the most boring cat I've ever met. His favorite hobby is sleeping. He especially loves to sleep on my lap. But he can sleep wherever, whenever. When he's in the mood for petting, he always go to me and make me pet him. He doesn't care whether I'm busy or not. If he wants me to pet him, then I must pet him. Or else, he will sleep on my laptop.

I miss Kuma and everything about him. It's been a year already but I still tear up whenever I think of him. I admit there's still a void in my heart but I have learned to accept the truth that he has left me already. I will never be able to turn back time so instead of getting sad, I will just think of all the happy memories I had with him.

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