I have nothing particular in my mind to write so I'll just write how my day went today.

Woke up a little bit late because I slept late (again). I was planning to shampoo today but since I got up late, I just went for a half bath. I don't want to be late for work. Ate fried rice, partnered with my ginger tea and prepared myself for the daily meeting. I didn't stutter today. I have social anxiety. Even though I've been doing this daily meeting for a month already, I still feel anxious when it's my turn to recite my tasks for that day.

I managed to finish the animations for the desktop view of the activity I was assigned to. My trainer checked my work and asked me to do some revisions. It took me 45+ minutes to figure it out. I just started using Toggl to track the time I spend on a task. I git push it to the repository and finally, my superior approved it and the animations got merged to the master branch. Afterwards, we had a brief meeting regarding the SP view of the project I'm working on. She told me what screen size to test it and all that stuff. I stared at my laptop for a while. I never knew how to do a responsive mobile-first design without the use of Bootstrap so I don't have an idea how to do it. I managed to create the hamburger icon though. I even managed to add some animation, thanks to the front-end online community. That took me 4 hours because all this time, I was trying to make a <div> clickable when I can just use an <a> element. An hour before work ends, I was trying to figure out how am I going to make the navbar visible once I hover on the hamburger icon. But I still haven't figured it out. My mind wasn't working anymore but I kept trying until it's time to log off.

Ate peanut butter and bread around 6PM. That's like 15 minutes after I get off work. I think I had 3 pieces? I ate a lot. I guess I'm hungry. I just didn't feel it because I was so focused during work. There're no tofu left in the fridge so I ate sweet potato for dinner instead. I also drank hot choco. I consider my lifestyle vegetarian for now as I don't have full control over my food choices for now. I don't explicitly consume raw milk because I am lactose-intolerant. The same goes for eggs because I have allergy. But I still eat chocolate biscuits that contain milk so I call my food choices vegetarian for now. After dinner, I went on to feed our pets and played with them then washed the dishes afterwards while watching the latest episode of this Korean series I'm following. The title is Hello! Me? and I must say, it's a very fun series. I like to call the shows I'm watching series instead of drama because I mostly watch shows under the crime genre. After one episode, I went back to my room and went straight to YouTube. There was a song stuck in my head these days. It's called 4 Walls by f(x). It's from one of my ultimate favorite Korean girl group. Sadly, they don't make music anymore. I kept listening to that song until my headphone's battery died.

I was thinking of skipping writing today so I went and had some self-talk. Are you busy? Not really. Are you just out of things to write? Seems like it. You promised yourself to never pressure yourself anymore. I remember that. Just write whatever you want. Even it doesn't make sense? Even if it doesn't make sense. What will people think when they read this? You're writing to free yourself. You're not writing to please anyone! Okay. This is a personal blog for a reason. Yes, this is. Just be yourself. I will always remember that. Love you. I love you too. And so, I opened my notes app and proceed to write how my day went.

It's 12:44 in the morning now. I just finished writing. It is now time to go to sleep.

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