Patience is indeed the key, especially if you're just plain and average.

I was actually having trouble with the task I was given at work since Friday. I couldn't get the expected result no matter how much I try. And honestly, inside, I am really crying. I can't believe in just a span of a month, I already had experienced the feeling of wanting to quit. And obviously, I can't because I need to earn money. It was so hard but I had no choice but to push myself to think harder.

I went off on time at work that day but I resumed my work around 11PM. It just made me feel that I'm taking too much time just coding the header page so I sacrificed sleep and worked until 2AM. It was all worth it though! After 3 hours of trial and errors, I managed to make it work. I kept coming back to my initial logic, only to realize that I was just missing just one rule declaration. When I realized how dumb was I, I let out a big sigh of relief because finally, I can finally sleep! Well, I promised myself that I won't sleep until I get this part to work so I guess I got lucky?

Lucky or not, I am proud that I did not quit because I am really guilty of it when things get too hard for me to handle. Well, not totally quit but I take long breaks which is not really efficient., be it in life or at work I am aware of it that's why I am trying my hardest to change this bad mechanism of mine. I need to learn to be comfortable on the things that make me feel uncomfortable, at least at work. And it all starts with patience.

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