Whoa. It's been a week since I last wrote something. Well, something good happened that's why I wanted to write it down. I guess I just wanted to be reminded of what I'm capable of whenever I'm feeling down.

Actually, just a few days ago, I managed to close my first project as a Junior Front-end trainee and just started my second project. It's a new challenge for me because this time, I'll be using new tools. Well, you might think it's not that hard because it's just Pug.js and Typescript but not for someone like me who has no experience at all. If plan ol' CSS already made my brain bleed, what more if I use JS frameworks? I am confident on using Bootstrap and had tried using Material-UI but I am still feeling scared. That doesn't mean I'll quit though. I am scared but I'm also excited to expand my knowledge.

In fact, I am already facing my first obstacle - using inline svg with Pug - that I had to stay up until 3AM last night, trying to figure out a way around. I was able to make the svg appear, even customize the size except for the color fill. I'm thinking it's my asset export that's the problem. I know I still have a long way to go but being able to move to a new project means that my skills are improving. There's no room for self-doubt. I know I am capable of doing it.

I also want to mention how happy I am these days because I was able to start taking care of my skin again. The truth is, I stopped doing any skincare-related stuff when pandemic started. I had no choice. We weren't doing well financially. Thankfully, things have gotten better for now.

Since I am earning my own money now, I can finally fund myself. I have created a budget for everything and I do my best to stick to it. But to be honest, do not have a grand skincare. I actually just do double cleansing method, blackhead treatment, moisturizer and sunscreen so I don't need to worry about overspending. When 4.4 (April 4th) came, I immediately logged in to my account and checked out the items on my cart. I haven't bought a moisturizer and sunscreen though. I had to prioritize buying reusable cotton for sustainability reasons. As of today, all my items have arrived with the AHA/BHA toner being the last one to arrive.

I'm guessing it might take me 3 months minimum get my skin back to its healthy state but it's all worth it so I don't mind. I am just happy to be able to do all of this again and my self-esteem really going up. Indeed, self-care is self-love.

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