I recently started playing Genshin Impact and I am so enjoying it. Actually, it's been a while since I last played a game. I think the last game I played was 凍京NECRO<トウキョウ・ネクロ> SUICIDE MISSION (Tokyo NECRO: Suicide Mission) but ever since my phone's screen broke (because of my stupid temper), I totally forgot about it.

My all-time favorites are チェインクロニクル (Chain Chronicle), ヴァルコネ攻略 (Valkyrie Connect), One Punch Man, Hero Academia Smash Tap, ハイキュー!!ドンピシャマッチ!! (Haikyuu!! Donpisha Match!!, フードファンタジー (Food Fantasy), 刀剣乱舞 (Touken Ranbu) and フラワーナイトガール (Flower Knight Girl). Yes, they're all gacha games and yes, they're all Japanese games except for OPM. I guess I just prefer these kind of games more because I won't need to use real money to buy costumes and stuff for my characters plus, my luck is better at the JP versions. I also played Toram before but quit after realizing it's not a gacha game. And although Genshin is like Dragon Nest (another favorite though I stopped playing before I even enjoyed it) in the way they're played on PC, Genshin is a legit gacha game so I immediately liked it.

So far, I only re-rolled once although I might re-roll again if I don't pull a good character on the next gacha event. Ah, re-roll is like a slang used in gacha games. Normally, upon completing the tutorial, they'll give you enough game money to summon your starter team, right? Re-roll is like rolling the dice again because chances are you will pull a bad character according to the community tierlist. So instead of faking happiness, you clear your data or create a new account and start all over again. Repeat until you're satisfied with your team. It might sound like a pain in the butt but it's all worth it once you pulled a good character, duh. No one enjoys playing a game with a weak team. The game I re-rolled the most was Chain Chronicle and ValCone. I think I did 20+ on both before I finalized my team? Well, they're easier to re-roll because you don't need to register first. Others, it's either my account got deleted due to inactiveness, the game discontinued or I forgot my ID. So I guess I really got lucky this time.

I mean, I pulled a Ningguang, a geo type, on my first re-roll (second account) which is pretty rare according to my brother who has been playing the game since it started since most of the drops are either cryo or hydro. But to be honest, I'm finding it hard to make a combo with my team because I got 3 archers and Ningguang is a mage attacker (and can be a defender as well). I'm currently waiting for the next banner. I really hope I get Zhongli (another geo). I've decided to become a geo-focused team and it will only happen if I get to summon him. Please!

Oops. I think I've talked too much.

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