The Beach

He felt pressure on his chest.

'Where is this coming from?', did Michael ask himself. But before he could answer it, air was being pushed into his lungs. Putting the pressure and air aside for a moment, he slowly began to realise where he must be. The waves of the sea were breaking ashore, the ground beneath him soft, and warm from the heat of the sun.

There it was again, the flow of air, powerful but gentle at the same time. The lips wrapping around his mouth were well defined and surprisingly pleasant. He began to enjoy the feeling, still wondering how or why… suddenly he realised… someone was performing CPR. Wait. He tried to move his arm someone was holding his hand and tightened the grip when they felt his movement. The mouth to mouth resuscitation evolved very slowly into sensual passionate extensive kissing.

Michael did not dare to open his eyes, he couldn't, not knowing who he would be seeing. However, from the scent his nose picked up and the taste of the skin, he was very confident to know who it might have been. He heard someone in the distance asking "Is he alive?". She stopped, her tongue and mouth moved back to reply "We will have to carry him inside". Soon he was grabbed by the feet and under his arms, trying not to make him as heavy as he was for the two ladies carrying him.

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