The Bedroom

Some minutes later he was put on a bed of some sort, one of the women still holding his hand the other one left with by saying "Good luck, Leia. I'll come back later to check on you two". The door was shut and his hand let go, then there was a clicking noise. She must have locked the door from the inside.

"Now we are all alone, come on you can open your eyes. I know you are alive and enjoyed the show down at the beach." Michael didn't want to, he couldn't, not knowing if it is really her he would see, but her voice sounded very familiar. "Alright I get it, you don't know do you? Where you are, who I am, afraid you are not going see the woman of your dreams. Well, then let me make you understand." Leia climbed into the bed next to him, taking his hand gently kissing his cheeks and turning slowly to his mouth while moving on him."

He could feel her chest, her hips, her entire body on him. She stopped. "Still no clue who I might be, want open your eyes and find out?" The tension was unbearable but he didn't want to, even though he knew who she might be. She put his hand onto her body and said "Feel me, to understand who I am. See me with your every touch. You know I am yours, you know I want only you, no one else is going to see me like you do. But I'm not going to tell you my name, open your eyes to find out yourself."

He couldn't open his eyes. He touched her, started with her face - it was well defined; her neckline and shoulders just right; her breasts - perfect, as if they were designed for his hands. Moving down along her silhouette - not too much not too little and her skin cared for and soft, yet still firm.

"I know you now, your scent, your voice, your body. It all comes together now, yet I do not want this beautiful adventure to end", Michael said before Leia took his hand and pushed it further down her body. "You do not know me fully, let me guide you exploring my innermost parts." He stopped breathing for a moment or two, when well trimmed short hair stimulated his fingertips down her most sensitive, intimate part.

She tightened her grip around his hand, guiding him to feel her every last spot. "By now you must know.", she said short of breath. Overwhelmed by excitement, he took control of his hand, sat up and whispered "Thank you, my Love" close to her ear while pushing it into the warm welcoming home she offered.

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