The Change

A clicking sound, a key turning. 'Oh no she found the key!', Leia thought but before she could react Mia stood in the door. "My turn.", she said. Michael looked at her as she was standing there in her black, white and red lingerie - "I must be dreaming", were the only words leaving his mouth. "We assure you this is real." Mia & Leia said simultaneously. "Leia leave" she insisted "no need to lock the door".

"Be gentle and don't break him, sis." - "No promises, sis. You, Michael is it? I am going to have some fun with you now." To begin with she let him kneel in front of her and kiss her hand and feet. He already wanted to get up but she took one step closer to push his face right into her panties. Grasping for air she kept a tight grip around his head and rubbing herself against it. This position allowed for only one escape; he grabbed her legs, lifted her up and through her on the bed. A little scream of fear, surprise and joy left her lips. She liked him trying to gain control but she took his arm, pulled twisted nearly dislocated it until she was back on top. "Nice try, sweety. Now lick it."

The pain in his arm was still present but Mia's commanding voice helped him focus on the task at hand and her taste fascinated him. Minutes turned into hours - 'Finally. She's quivering.', he thought. Her whole body was in fact. "Don't… You… Dare… Stop now!" she screamed in ecstasy, pushing herself harder against his tongue. Mia came squirting all over his face. Michael ceased the opportunity pushed her, in her vulnerable state, on her back and said "Now I'm on top".

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#Breaking Ashore - Chapter IV
To be continued