Book highlights - Measure what matters - John Doerr


    Microsoft mission: everyone deserves a healthy and productive life

    Our mission: everyone deserves healthy skin

    Vision: inclusivity through healthy skin

    What can you be the best in the world at? (anti inflammation)

    Our biggest advantage was that we aimed higher!

    key results - sub goals

    When the goal is too aspirational it is bad for credibility

    The mission is directional

    An objective has a set of concrete steps that you intentionally engage and actually trying to go for. you need to know how you are going to get to your objective (KRs)

    Annual strategy review: what is the objective here?

    Pay close attention to weather your data is getting you to your ultimate goal


    The harder the goal the higher the level of performance

    talking point - page 135 - committed goals and aspirational goals

    what ”impossible” goal can we set for a product SKU or product line? (Features or function?)

    60 & 70% attainment on goals (as they are stretch goals every time to ensure greater than 10% growth, which the market will do by default

    What do we need to stop doing as well as start doing? (OKR considerations)

    how can our team create maximum value?

    what would amazing look like?


    when you aim for the stars, you may come up short but still reach the moon

    **Objective - develop the #1 day cream on the market

    **Key result: 5000 page hits per week/per day?

    When you set a measurable objective for the year, and chunk the problem quarter by quarter - moonshots become dooable

    measurable and trackable


    debate the company objectives to ensure they are clear

    this is the direction we want to go and this is how we are going to get there

    narrow your lost to three or four objectives

    the most important things need to get done first or they wont get doe at all (big rocks/pebbles & sand)

    singular core metric

    egress bandwidth: from data center to users

    put peoples names against company goals

    Stretch OKRs tend to set powerful forces into action (unintended, but great consequences)

    CFRs - conversation, feedback, recognition


    Monthly one one ones about how things are going

    second quarterly reviews against OKRS

    Third, professional development conversation, career trajectory, where they have been and where they want to go

    fourth self driven insight, positive reinforcement and feedback

    great job, what did you like about it?

    segregate raw goal scores from compensation decisions - need to look at context and causality talking about specific problems and situations teach skills and how to

    approach things

    the supervisor is there to learn and coach

    is he satisfied with his own performance, does some frustration or obstacle gnaw at him?

    does he have doubts about where he is going?

    page 183

    how best to align individual objectives and key results with organizational priorities

    if you dont know how well you are performing how can you get better?

    are these the right things for you and me to be focussed on? if we complete them will it be seen as a huge success? do you have any feedback on how I/we can stretch more

    What do you need from me to be successful?

    And now let me tell you what I need from you?

    Institute peer to peer recognition

    All hands meeting - unsolicited shout out to well dones

    establish clear criteria

    achievement of the month

    share recognition stories

    newsletters or company blogs

    make recognition frequent and attainable

    tie recognition to company goals and strategies

    leaders throughout the orgaisation take a proactive ownership of the process

    adobe four core values: genuine, exceptional, innovative, involved

    allocated budgets for incentives and equity, a pool of money to be distributed as they see fit


    teach you how to manage the business within existing limits

    you are paid for the quality of the decisions you make

    each quarter consider how their decisions align with the company


    team sports don’t work unless the whole team plays together

    **convert some of the companies key results into their own objectives

    **Objective: complete company SOPS

    Key results: all departments SOPS defined in Slite ready for communication through Askspoke

    A really good company values different opinions, mines for dissent, and it finds ways to bring it up to the surface to mine it out

    ** gives you an opportunity to think what your doing and. How your goals roll up to what the company needed for the quarter

    ** objective - new revenue - marketing and repeat revenue (product)

    **who owns the customer

    ** how would you key result that goal?

    my KR is at risk

    Every two weeks, one hour one on one conversation: don’t talk about work, agenda is what you are trying to accomplish over the next two to three years, and how you are breaking that down into a two week plan. Three questions: What makes you happy, what saps your energy, How would you describe your dream job? Then I say “Look I want to tell you what my expectations are” This goal seems very important to you but you didn’t make a lot of progress on the last two weeks. Why is that?

    **breakdown our new vision and mission into OBJECTIVES AND KEY RESULTS

    KR **NPS of 42 or better

    KR **CSAT of X

    KR **75% of customers prefer Ellus & Krue over past brands

    ***Page 256 - writing effective OKRs

    pulsing gauges the organisation’s real time health - body, soul, work & culture

    ***Objective: determine product market fit

    look back at every quarter and hold our selves accountable, look ahead every quarter to imagine how we can better live our values

    ** behaviour defines a company more meaningfully than product lines or market share

    **companies that our behave their completion will also out perform them

    the flatter the org chart the more agile the Organization.

    Organizational development officer

    **Success is based on transparent costs, quality and service, availability of choices - describe to me the value that you believe you have created for us in consideration of what you have been paid. Do you think that we have received equivalent value in consideration of what we paid? Equal value equation? Or unequal value equitation?

    OKRs are a way to connect everyone goals

    **Committed or aspirational OKRS - P257

    **What is the metric here (measurable) - specific, time

    **Selling your res - P231

    vote on the most important at risk reds

    then brainstorm together as long as it takes to get the objective back on track

    **objective: to self sustain our monthly burn (not require external funding)

    key result: to sell 10000 units by March

    Key result: 40% sales to be Serum

    key result: sell 1500 units per month

    How do we measure engagement? - open rates, convert to VIP program, repeat customers, purchases per quarter

    What actions does your passion lead you to do

    OKR colour coding is extremely important

    If everything is green you have failed

    More ambitious goals


    We use a process called objectives and key results (OKRs) to help us communicate, measure and achieve those lofty goals.

    We use OKRs to plan what people are going to produce, track their progress vs plan, and coordinate priorities and milestones between people and teams. We used OKRs to help people stay focused on the most important goals, and help them avoid being distracted by urgent but less important goals.

    0.0 - 0.3 is read

    0.4 - 0.6 is yellow

    0.7 - 1.0 is green

    Objectives are the whats, they:

    • express goals and intents
    • are agressive yet realistic
    • must be tangible, objective and unambiguous, should be obvious toa rational observer weather an objective has been achieved
    • the successful achievement of an objective must provide clear value to E&K

    Key results are the hows, they:

    • express measurable milestones which, if achieved, will advance objectives in a useful manner to their constituentsmust describe outcomes, not activities. if your KRs include words like "consult, help, analyze or participate" they describe activities. Instead describve end user impact of these activities:m "publish, rather than assess"
    • must include evidence of completion. must be available, credible and easily discoverable, examples includes change lists, links to docs, notes and metric reports

    Cross team OKRs

    • all teams should have OKRS describing their ccommitment to deliver their part of the project.

    Committed versus aspirational OKRs

    Commitments are OKRs that we agree will be achieved and we will be willing to adjust schedules and resources to ensure that they are delivered.

    • the expected score for a committed OKR is 1.0, a score of less than 1.0 requires explanation for the miss, as it shows errors in planning and or/execution.

    Aspirational OKRs express how we'd like the world to look, even though we have no clear idea how to get there and/or the resources necesasry to deliver the OKR.

    aspirational OKRs have an expected average score of 0.7 with high variance

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