18-12-2020 notes from the day that was

The great realisation from today was how some of my staff cannot work towards goals.

They need to have “small wins” to feel progressive.

The problem with this logic as I see it is they are failing to recognise the small wins that they are having.

The other point I noticed today is planning and execution, or lack of it. It seems that three staff members love to collect shiny new tasks then delightfully leave or “put on hold” their first in tasks.

They have the attention span of a gnat.

To counter this I am removing their ability to “self organise” as they have been doing, and shine a light of sorts to bring into focus and real clarity the companies priorities.

The easiest way I found to do this was hold a WIP meeting and ask all staff to write down what tasks and projects they have in front of them, the task frequency (one time, daily, weekly, monthly) the task progress, the expected due date and how long the task will take to complete.

After we did this for all staff, we then prioritized tasks OJ urgency and importance relative to our current objectives.

These tasks were then moved from the current WIP board and to the company planner board and task were assigned to the original starter and additional staff were then added to assist with reducing process time.

All staff were asked to add comments to tasks and references so that each task in the planner can be observed at any time to see its status.

Clearly we have a communication issue, and topics issue which is why we lack clarity and focus.

I was wrong to assume that staff could organise, plan and execute on assigned tasks. 

In the past when I tried to introduce daily stand ups I was told to “stop micromanaging”.

Lastly, we have an operations meeting every Friday. During this meeting which is essentially a long form weekly stand up, staff are asked for progress updates and problems. No staff have reported any problems in the last 6 months.

We sure do have our work cut out to get the ship pointing into the right direction.

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