22-12-2020 random thoughts

“These are the characteristics of the rational soul: self awareness, self examination, and self determinations. It reaps its own harvest...It succeeds in its own purpose..” - Marcus Aurelius

Look inward, examine ourselves, make our own decisions.

Self examination, questions ones thoughts seems to be something that has become most topical for me in the last three years of life.

Why do i think this? What is the basis for that thought? Why am i angry? Who is making me angry? How do i change what i think and feel?

If i am not physically being attacked then the only person attacking me is myself by the thoughts that i choose to let linger. The power that i give my own thoughts is the cause of my distress.

I have nothing to want for. I have shelter, clothes and food. I am successful because i am alive.

The thing i am forgetting to do is to live. I need to be grateful for what i have and reconsider the power i give to my thoughts. I need to catch myself before i give power to tings that are not real. They only become real if i give them life. I need to be more careful with how i think.

I need to be more objective to my own thoughts!

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