orange soda


eating cheetos with a fork



self-medicate with the fuzzimication til it stops working and you feel the sharp edges pokin in through your cowardice. change your number, quit your job, tell your friends you're "moving to taiwan to practice your chi-nese". pitch down and throttle up, we're taking a dive and givin gravity a hand.

you wanna known something? just between you and me, i ain't pullin outta this. i'm burning all my cash, cutting every tie, accelerating the whole way down til i hit rock bottom. if i survive i can finally climb, finally be honest cause i've exhausted every easy out to not be. and if not, then i'll have done a job good n proper for once.

anyway help me out send me your square i'll send you a crisp usd $1000. sealwashed (at) gmail if ya aint got the dm

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