One distro will rule them all!

I've been a distro hopper for years. I seem to be on a constant search for that one Linux distro that will fufill all my needs and wants. There are six main things I am always looking for.

  1. It needs to be sufficently geeky
  2. Have a certain level of complication to it. (only to make me feel like I know somthing)
  3. Needs to be rolling
  4. Needs to use an underdog of a desktop environment
  5. I need to have access to most anything I would like to install
  6. Needs a small, solid community full of helpful individuals I feel I can build friendships with.

So this past couple weeks I think I found my final home, well at least for some time. What distro could it be? Archlabs has met all my criteria. The community is small and friendly, they have about the best Openbox implementation I have used, they are on arch which settles the rolling and package access, and it installs fairly easily with just a little know how needed. Let alone all the tweaking that can be done..and with text files, who wouldn't love that!

Here is my workstation as of today.

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