Cutting Off Dead Ends

Today was the first day back at work (from home). Mentally, I wasn't prepared, but physically...well, my body got itself out of bed. Over lunch, I chopped my hair off into a short bob. My head feels lighter, but the burden of existence, not so much. The breeze on the back of my neck during the bike ride home was surprisingly pleasant though. And now that I've cut off the dead ends, I'm ready for lockdown #3. I'm joking, of course, but you never know. Freedom is scarce these days.

Speaking of freedom (or lack of), last night I went into an internet black hole while researching tax implications for US expats. Do you know who is definitely not free from the clutches of Uncle Sam? That's right, US expats.
I gotta say, the US government really milks you for all you're worth. As an expat (or accidental American born to an American parent), you:

  1. Must file taxes each year from the age of 18, even if you never set foot in the US, or worked there.
  2. If you own and then sell property in Australia, you must pay capital gains tax to the US if it exceeds the threshold. Fluctuations in currency changes aren't taken into consideration (so good luck with that!!)
  3. It costs USD$2350 to renounce.

These are only a few of the silly regulations we have to deal with. There's a lot more to it, but man is it a big headache if you want to remotely plan for The Future.

I don't even know what the future entails. I had a loose 3 year plan involving travel but to no one's big surprise, 'rona derailed it. So now I need a new backup plan. But it's hard to make a backup life plan when you can't even plan a trip 2 weekends from now and be 100% confident it will happen.

This year, I'm going to find better balance with whinging (it's allowed even though 2020 is done) and being my old cheerful self.

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