190917 - Yikes beware arrogance

I never used to do this in the past. Certainly not the way I'm doing it now.


Qur'an and "Islam" research on the world wide web.

I stayed clear from it. Not that I didn't care about the subjects and topics, however I was acutely aware (paranoid 🤔) of the browser tracking, YouTube watch history, blah, blah, blah. I was super selective about my sources of information.

That bit is out the window now. Not that I don't care about privacy and "where I get my news from" and things like that, I do, it's just that my emphasis has shifted a bit.

Point of all this banter?

My YouTube machine learning and semi-automated process of curating information feeds for myself, and God 🙄 led me to a channel called Nourish TV. I've only watched a few videos in 2019.

The videos I've watched has a sis narrating and the overall video that's put together is quite nice. There's a Qur'an lean which I'm happy about. There's a bit of hadith stuff which I attend to, however don't freak out and hit the eject ⏏ button.

With this context behind us. This video.

Main takeaways for me?

  1. Kibr is the Arabic for arrogance
  2. It means to refuse the truth and belittle people

In 2:34, God asks the Angels to yield (be nice to?) Adam, and they did except Iblis. This is pretty sad considering Iblis was in the company beholding this "Adam" event. God goes on to say that Iblis became arrogant.

  • Iblis was around, according to this story, before Adam

  • God says somewhere else in the Qur'an that Iblis was of the jinn, a type of life made of fire

    • Iblis takes pride in his being made from fire
  • Iblis, unfortunately, is an enemy to mankind, God reminds us of this several times in the Qur'an

What's really striking for me is the fact that

  1. Iblis was jinn and God asked the Angels to yield to Adam
  2. Iblis is technically not an angel
    • As of around 200211 I've begun to accept that this Iblis entity was an angel
  3. It seems like Iblis was supposed to yield to Adam but did not
  4. And then, plonk... 🎹, human history 💐, with no chance of peace
    • According to the Qur'an (2:1-40)
  5. And this arrogance misdeed of Iblis cost us this?
    • Yep, seems like the lack of arrogance is a pretty big deal for God

Peace ✌

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