191001 - A visual explanation of the Quran's argument in Chapter 76

In the name of God, the wise, the source of peace.

It's news to many folks that the Qur'an is an argument. Before I was led to the Qur'an, I was a budding student of philosophy. My history prior to that was trinitarian baptist christianity, Al'hamdulilah! God was kind enough to introduce me to so many lovely people and fun along the way.

At any rate, it was in my university years that I learnt about philisophical argumentation, and logic in particular, and that piqued my interest.

God be praised. Today, I was fortunate to spend the #fajr hours literally reading out loud Chapter 76 of the Qur'an in English with a friend. In other words, I was reading a translation out loud. It went well, and perhaps that's what brought me to this post.

In [this]|[📺] video, I do the same thing, however, it's a 2.0 of sorts. It has a visual layer where I try and show you the flow of the argument.

I hope you like it.

No time to watch a less than 10 min video? No problem. I'm glad you've read this far. You can follow [this]|[🕌] link and you can check out the visual in your browser.

Wa'salaam u'Alykum. Feedback welcome.

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