191019 - Find your satisfaction in God

Bismillah, hir'Rahman nir'Raheem.

Imgur Allah, however, you've said Allah, in the Yusuf Ali translation, that you, Allah, you have placed love between people.

Yet, Allah, you say, somewhere in your Quran, that you stand in the way between two individuals, perhaps, two entities of any kind.

Love Allah, are you love?

Sweet Malik, love..., Ar'Rahman, Thabath'yadaa, ab'hi luh'bi'yuh wataa'bb.

Allah, does that not translate to perish, the hands, the father of flame? Or, "Perish the hands of the firebrand?"

Are my hands producing? Let it Allah be that it but produces the advancement of learning and practice of singing your praises, yes, learning to truly sing your praises dear God, so that they give you, the one to whom belong the most beautiful pavilions in one of your heavens joy and delight, and I'd be glad if you teach me, and your loved ones from my family, and my daughter, to rely on the glimpse of perfection we've been permitted to perceive, your measure, perfectly measured, now and for ever after.

Thank you dear Allah.

Let God's will prevail, it will anyway. If God wills, it will happen. Insha'Allah, in short.


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