191016 - Trading with God

That is the [kitab][📖], in which there is no doubt, a guidance for the righteous | muttha'keen


Peace, and salaam dear reader. Thank you for sharing your time with me today.

When you are done reading this post, if God wills, your journey back to him will continue fruitfully, bearing fruit, here, and no doubt, in the future where God has assured the believers that the good you did now will be, essentially, in better condition in the future.

It's like an investment. You trade with a currency of muttha'keen-hood. The good you do with your soul is the token, be it small or great, from the vessels your commandier that you trade with. And remember, you are trading with the greatest dealer, who doles all fortune you've been fortunate to see, and regrettably for some, the same dealer who permits a great deal of misfortune you see, but the good God doles is far easier to see, sans doubt.

Don't believe me? Try counting your blessings and see how long you last.

Wa'salaam u'Alykum

[Ar'rahman][🗣]. The one who literally taught the Quran, created man, with the ability to decipher stuff and articulate, vocally, and in so many other ways. Al'hamdulilah.

May God grant us good sense to opt for excellence worthy of his pleasure.

You read that right. Pleasure.

Certainly the one, who makes laugh, and makes weep, according to chapter 53 of the Quran must know about good pleasure. Indeed, the almighty is the source of pleasure, the ultimate initiator, of pleasure, and much more.

So, yes, if God wills, we'll do things that give that "God" pleasure.

I for one ought to wonder what does seeking God's pleasure, and face, mean?


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