ChromeOS Setup

I like to reset my Chrome Sync and powerwash my Chromebook every so often and set it up fresh. It is more of a habit than for security reasons. It allows me to time to consider whether my current setup is working for me. I use all these extensions. Can I be more focused? This setup guide is for my own personal reference.

Importing Bookmarks

As I have reset my Chrome Sync, I've lost all my bookmarks. So I download my "Settings" folder from Google Drive. It contains a PDF version of this guide, a bookmarks.html folder, exported settings for my favourite apps and my go-to avatar photos.

Setting up the settings

Next up I tune my Chromebook settings, in line with the student guidance offered by EFF, as follows:

  1. Encrypt all synced data with own sync passphrase.
  2. Set DNS as follows:
    For IPv4: and
    For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001
  3. Set DuckDuckGo as search engine.
  4. Require a pin to wake from sleep.
  5. Restrict User Sign In.
  6. Block third-party cookies and site data.
  7. Keep local data only until you quit your browser.
  8. Allow the appropriate cookies.
  9. Do not allow any site to track physical location.
  10. Block protected content.
  11. Add additional languages - Portuguese (Brasil), Spanish (Latin America)
  12. Set startup to “Open New Tab Page”

With the settings tightened, I move on to the extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store. And, yes, I used all of them - I wish I didn't. I haven't included the games here because I don't want to encourage fun.


I like to enable flags. You can find the flags here: chrome://flags

Chrome Web Store Apps & Extensions

I install the following Apps and Extensions




I like to tweak the theme with Dark Theme v3.

Google Play Store Apps (Android)

I keep my application selection limited. One of the reasons that the Chrome OS is an ideal operating system is because it is so lightweight. Android apps can be a little heavy for me. 

I'll always install Bitwarden, Pocket, ProtonMail, ProtonVPN and (now) Standard Notes. I also install a selection of games (see above regarding the encouraging fun). 

Finally, I organise the extensions, launcher and shelf so it is both practical and pretty. And that's how I set up my Chromebook. It takes about an hour. But once it is done, it is done.

Progressive Web Apps (Optional)

I recommend installing Headspace, Messages, Spotify and Twitter as PWAs.

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