Why I love Standard Notes

So I signed up for the Extended Package today and I wanted to write a few words about why I like Standard Notes. 

I am not an Evernote refugee. I've played with Google Keep but I've never been able to forget/forgive the Google Reader massacre. SimpleNote is lovely but I've always worried about privacy. So when BoingBoing mentioned Standard Notes in a blog post, I pocketed the article for later. After a few days of use, it became my go-to note app. 

Why do I love it? I love notes. I take notes all the time. I collect bits and pieces of information throughout the day. Sometimes, I see a useful paragraph in a case and want to keep it for future use. Other times, it's a cool Kickstarter gadget that I want to purchase later. Occasionally, I have an original idea that I need to capture before it disappears into the ether. And then there's the classic never-ending to-do list. But, ultimately, end-to-end encryption is key. 

It is nice to know that even the most pointless of note is protected. As a Chromebook user, despite my best efforts, I know that Google is always watching. Storing documents is Google Drive is a risky business. I don't mind them knowing that I own most of the Lana Del Ray albums, or seeing some of my more obscure art house movies ripped from DVD. But I don't want them to know my 2FA passcodes, or my deepest thoughts about the meaning of life, or how I am coping with existence. Some things are best-kept secret (or, at least, as secret as possible in this IT age of wonderment). Standard Notes blends in perfectly with my app collection. Alongside ProtonMail, Signal and Wire, Standard Notes ensures that my secrets are better protected. 

The other nice feature is the note sharing options. I can decrypt a note and share a private link with a friend or colleague. I've already done this with a standard paragraphs document that I used for work. Also, the link in my Twitter bio is a disclaimer note stating that my views are my own, a retweet isn't an endorsement, etc. Being able to share a note is nice. 

But blogging is better. I really didn't expect to like it so much, but the ability to jot down my thoughts and share them with the world in note format is awesome. I don't need to worry about making it all pretty. I can focus on the words. This is the most I've blogged in the last five years. It's nice. It doesn't matter if nobody reads this. I don't care about comments. Alongside my Twitter account, Standard Notes allows me to define my understanding of the world in a public forum. 

My notes are safe when necessary, and shared when I decide. That's pretty awesome.

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