#100Days of Writing

Challenge accepted.


As a lawyer, people expect me to be many things. A natural talker, a competent writer and to know every law ever drafted ever.

People who know me will confirm that I possess none of these skills. Thankfully, my clients are patient and tolerant.

By accepting this challenge, I hope to discover whether I have a voice beyond legal writing. There's no pressure on me to complete this. No prizes will be offered on the 100th day. It is very much a personal assignment. I will be judge, jury and executioner.

I don't expect anybody to read what I write. Many years ago I realised that I am nothing special. There's a reason why I opted for an encrypted note app over something like Simplenote or Evernote. I didn't want people to discover precisely how dull my thoughts really are. But this challenge is your opportunity to do just that.

Regardless of your reasons for finding yourself in front of my writings, thank you for reading this far and enjoy the monotony of the next #100Days of writing.

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