General Topics

How did we get here, mired in the goo that is infecting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

We've got a guy in the oval office (gowing foward we'll call him GOO) that is systematically dismantling all protections of people.

  • Most recently the EPA has restricted the use of scientific studies/evidence in support of regulatory actions. From The New York Times Nov. 11, 2019 and from the The Union of Concerned Scientists Nov. 12, 2019
    • This appears to mean that vast swaths of data used for scientific research and papers will be off-limits as support for regulations. This research is used in support of regulations that protect us all from the callous, reckless and careless acts of companies around the country. Think science that has proven a causal link between lead and a large number of diseases NIH that wreck havoc on those exposed to lead in the environment.
  • GOO has declared that the impeachment procedings are illegal and a coup.
    • If this is a coup, then when is the appropriate time for impeachment procedings?
    • If the GOO admits to requesting a foreign government investigate a political rival in a presidential campaign, while numerous investigations have already shown no illegal activities by the rival as suggested by GOO, and GOO withholds congressional appropriated aid funds while waiting on their promise of this new investigation - if that's not the right time, then when is the right time?