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2020, it's been a wonderful year!

My 2020 experience was really different from most people. it's been a year of prosperity and luck.

After 2 years of pursuing a job in Tech Industry without any degree, I finally made it. Thanks to Enigma Camp whom entrusting me for this wonderful opportunity.

**So, here is my experience

I joined the company as Junior Mobile Developer in May 2020. it was in the middle of Covid Pandemic. So, the company that i worked decided to Fully Work From Home.

Working From Home as a Junior Developer was challenging. besides of facing novice mistakes, i forced myself to learn git quickly. Also the stack i am working with is Flutter. Which is relatively new at that time.

It was a lot of fun. Based on previous jobs that i did. This is the most rewarding experience in my life. it pushes me to be grow better and there is always a room to Improve.

it teaches me :

  • to think long term solution
  • to make my code understandable to my team
  • to have a vision
  • to be efficient

My Hope in 2021:

  1. Get a better grip at unit testing, widget testing and integration testing.
  2. Manage Code a lot better.
  3. Understand flutter more.
  4. Contribute to Flutter codebase or Packages.

Membuka FTP dengan File Explorer

Jika PC kalian menggunakan Windows 10 maka bisa menggunakan trik ini. Tanpa mendownload FileZilla atau Client lainnya ternyata Windows Explorer sudah bisa membuka protokol ftp secara langsung. Hal ini akan sangat berguna jika Komputer anda tidak mempunyai FileZilla atau Anda tidak ingin bersusah payah mendownload client ftp dari internet.

Tanpa berbasa basi lagi ini dia Trik nya :

  1. Buka Windows Explorer kalian (Win +R, ketik Explorer).
  2. di tab ribbon computer, klik Add Network Location.
  3. klik Next, Choose Custom network Location.
  4. masukan address ftp (contoh: ps : jangan lupa ketikan "ftp://" nya
  5. klik next, jika ftp membutuhkan username dan password, maka JANGAN CENTANG "Log On Anonymously".
  6. masukan username dan password jika dibutuhkan

Voila, Anda telah terhubung dengan server ftp kesayangan anda.

OpenSSH client

if you are on Windows and have problem connecting to private repository in gitlab or github try this :

  1. go to services, enable OpenSSH Authentication Agent
  2. make sure openssh is in PATH C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH
  3. add ssh key password type ssh-add on powershell
  4. Add the environment variable $ENV:GIT_SSH=C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH\ssh.exe to your session, or permanently to your user environment.

  5. type

git config --global core.sshCommand C:/Windows/System32/OpenSSH/ssh.exe


git config --global core.sshCommand C:\\Windows\\System32\\OpenSSH\\ssh.exe

which will create a .gitconfig file in home directory

    sshCommand = C:/Windows/System32/OpenSSH/ssh.exe