2020, it's been a wonderful year!

My 2020 experience was really different from most people. it's been a year of prosperity and luck.

After 2 years of pursuing a job in Tech Industry without any degree, I finally made it. Thanks to Enigma Camp whom entrusting me for this wonderful opportunity.

**So, here is my experience

I joined the company as Junior Mobile Developer in May 2020. it was in the middle of Covid Pandemic. So, the company that i worked decided to Fully Work From Home.

Working From Home as a Junior Developer was challenging. besides of facing novice mistakes, i forced myself to learn git quickly. Also the stack i am working with is Flutter. Which is relatively new at that time.

It was a lot of fun. Based on previous jobs that i did. This is the most rewarding experience in my life. it pushes me to be grow better and there is always a room to Improve.

it teaches me :

  • to think long term solution
  • to make my code understandable to my team
  • to have a vision
  • to be efficient

My Hope in 2021:

  1. Get a better grip at unit testing, widget testing and integration testing.
  2. Manage Code a lot better.
  3. Understand flutter more.
  4. Contribute to Flutter codebase or Packages.

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