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Late Night Thoughts

It's 1:21am, and I can't sleep. I'm tired, but my mind just will not shut down for the night. So here I sit, trying to pass the time until I fall asleep.

After poking around on my laptop, and looking at my old running blog (https://rungeek.ca), I remembered about Standard Notes, and the Listed.to blog. This was something I came across last year, just poking around the Internet. I may have even discovered it on Twitter. 

I really like the Standard Notes application. I'd started using it, putting all sorts of notes I'd had scattered about in it. But, like many other things I sign up for, I promptly forgot about it.

I love to try new things. I'm always signing up for trial versions of software, or web sites, or subscription services, and in some cases even paying some money to sign up as a subscriber, only to forget about using the software altogether.

Same with books. I see a book online that looks interesting, and I get a bug in my head, that I need to buy it. Eventually I succumb and purchase it, start reading it, only to cast it aside for the next book. 

All this contributes to the feeling I have that I am suffocating under my list of "things I need to read/do/learn". 

I hate feeling like this every day, all the time, and I don't know how to get out of it. 

First Post!

Hi there.

I'm hoping to use this blog as a place I can write down thoughts, impressions, random things that come to me at crazy times of the day.

I really like the Standard Notes app. Love how clean it looks, and the default encryption it has. I'd love to spring for the 5 year plan, but I need to test drive it a bit more, see if I will use it. I have a tendency to spend money on these apps and things, and not end up using them for anything. I have a bit too much of that "ooh shiny" mentality.

I also like the whole #100days thing; writing something for consecutive days. I've always wanted to try something like that, but I never really thought anyone would want to know my thoughts on stuff.

Hopefully I can write some semi-intelligent stuff here.