Living a healthy life through sleep, diet and exercise.

I wanted to write a whole, lengthy blog post about this, but instead I decided to make it as short as possible. Because of that, I have written several "laws" to massively improve your health.

Please keep in mind I'm not a health expert, and you shouldn't rely solely on a stranger's advice like mine. This works for me, but we are all different. What works for me may not work for you.


• Get 8 hours of sleep every single day, whatever you are doing. Not 7.9 hours, 8 hours. Every minute counts.

Go to sleep at the same time every single day, whatever happens, this will allow to sleep much faster.

• Wake up without an alarm, even during the week, an alarm causes a spike in blood pressure and accelerates the rhythm of your heart, every single day. Stop it, and destroy that "snooze" button.

• Don't sleep longer during weekends, it's like having a jet lag twice a week.


• Never eat in the morning, your gut deserves a rest.

• Only drink water during the morning, anything else is either not necessary (coffee), or will simply break your fast.

• Eat just eat enough during your meals. Eat too much, and you will feel tired during the following morning, too little, and you will wake up during the night because of a low sleep quality.

• Keep in mind sugar is the new smoking.

• Try to stop eating 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep, to allow your body to digest well.


• Don't go to the gym, it puts too much tension on your body.

• Exercise every single day, even during the weekends.

• Exercise every day just after waking up, that way, you won't forget it, nor will you find excuses.

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