It's funny, because a lot of people start to have this feeling that AI is overhyped, and that Artificial Intelligences miss the "Intelligences" part. What these people absolutely need to realize, is that we are still incredibly early in this space. It's like the blockchain sector, or even like the Augmented Reality space (AR). (By the way, if I had a few billion dollars, these are the three domains I would invest in). We don't even know all the use cases for AI yet. The thing is, whether you want it or not, this revolution will eventually take place. And it's likely going to cause a new industrial revolution, simply because 99% of the non-creative jobs, can get replaced by an AI.

Think about it. Why would you hire an economist, who could for example have some relationship problems with his wife, causing him to make bad financial decisions? Why would you invest in a company where the workforce protests every year because they would like higher salaries, when you can invest in a AI-operated company, where no one will ever protest, as there aren't any workers?

While this may seem crazy, it's not. Let's place things in perspective: Uber takes a 25% fee on every ride made through its app, which means 75% goes to the drivers. Guess what would happen if Uber's cars were now operated by an AI? Their revenues would quadruple. Yes, QUADRUPLE.

And now a more controversial one: why would you let fame and wealth seeking (and emotionally-vulnerable) individuals (politicians) run your country, when you can have an AI, which isn't impacted by emotions, which doesn't seek fame, which doesn't seek wealth and which above all, could be programmed to seek for a better country (obviously, an interesting question in this case would be: what is "better")?

Most people still believe the decisions they take are their own, made by their own mind. But as Yuval Noah Harari puts it in his book Sapiens: "Scientists studying the inner workings of the human organism have found no soul there. They increasingly argue that human behaviour is determined by hormones, genes and synapses, rather than by free will – the same forces that determine the behaviour of chimpanzees, wolves, and ants."

Finally, an AI will be able to take into consideration every detail when handling a case, which a human obviously can't.

I guess it's just a matter of time, before AI starts to govern us.

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