True value.

I have already written about delivering true value in the past. But, with time, this idea has only become stronger. It's funny, because a massive amount of content creators, in fact, most of them, aren't creating content to help people. They are creating content, to help themselves, financially. Because of that, you could argue that they are creating content, to create content. And you can't expect from someone to start trusting, to start using your products, if all you do is writing useless blog posts, recording videos and podcast episodes,... Especially when you are just recyling the content other people have already created.

It's actually a very simple idea, like, it's just "deliver true value". But, weirdly enough, 99% of the content creators out there don't understand that, don't get that. Now, you will most likely tell that most of the popular youtubers aren't delivering true value. But the reason is incredibly simple, their audience is usually pretty young. But if go and take a look at youtubers which have a more "adult" audience, you will notice that they have to create content to survive on a long-term perspective. Maybe not on a short-term perspective, but always on the long-term. Most youtubers, with an adult audience, who get at one point popular, and don't create value, will most likely see their number views go as rapidly down, as their number of views first went up. That's how simple it is.

Deliver true value. Create content to truly help people. Don't be a sheep, don't create content to create content like everyone else does.

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