Don't use ads.

If you read by previous blog post, you will now understand why I really think that ads are useless. In my opinion, when you work on something, it's all about the long-term. How did Warren Buffet get as rich? Because he was thinking on a timescale of 10, 30, 50 years. While other fellow investors where thinking on a timescale of 10, 30, 50 days. That's the major difference. Why did Apple get so popular, mostly without ads? Of course, thanks to their marketing, but also, and especially, thanks to their empathy regarding their users. Apple truly changed the life of people, by creating user-friendly products, which even your grandma should be able to understand. That's true helpfulness. It's creating value.

So, what we can learn from Warren Buffet and Apple (and these are just two examples, but you can find many of them), is that you need to focus on a long-term perspective (dozens of years), AND, you need to be delivering true value.

And guess what? Ads are incredibly short-term focused, and don't deliver any value. Do you learn something when you see that an ad on YouTube? I don't. Nor do you. Nor does anybody who watches this ad. And watching this ad isn't going to create a trust relationship between the company, and you, the consumer. In fact, you may even start not trusting that company, simply because of its repetitive ads.

So if I were to operate a business, which will most likely be the case in the future, I will avoid as much as possible the use of ads. Because it doesn't help anyone. It's hidden brainwashing, it doesn't contribute to the development of our society, and it doens't get people to start trusting you as a company.

People start to trust you, when you create value, when help them, when you care about them, when show empathy. Not when immediately try to sell them a product which they didn't need in the first place.

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