Don't work for money, you will regret it.

Most people in our society work for money. Though, money is just an abstraction of your time. Essentially, when you work, you convert your time into money. Your time is literally money, indeed. But what's interesting about that, is that you might ask yourself, why work? Because yes, why would you work, lose time, for something which is basically just a way to exchange your time for other things? It's quite ridiculous in my opinion. Especially when taking in condideration the yearly 2% inflation of your cash savings, making your time less valuable year by year. Why lose time for something which is losing 2% of its value on a yearly basis, and which isn't limited by its supply, while your time on this planet is clearly limited? It's a valid question. Besides, what positive things will you retain from your 9-to-5 job when you will be in your eighties? Likely nothing. Will you have meaningfully contributed to humanity? Likely not. Will all these years working 8 hours a day have made you someone truly happy? Likely not. You will most probably be exhausted.

So, what should you do instead?

Find out why you are here on this planet (not that easy, I agree), and start contributing to humanity in one way or another. By not working for money, and actually working to help people, to save animals, or even send people on Mars, you will not only have much more chances of becoming wealthier than you were before (because you will be all-in in your job, which is obviously not the case when you work for money), but you will also become trully happy.

And that's the only thing which matters at the end of the day.

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