Building an online home

I started blogging sometime in 2004. The first blog entry was in June 2004 but that was just a placeholder. There were no specific objectives. I just had access to internet and blogging was in. I was experimenting.

Soon, my blog on Google Blogspot become home for all kind of things. Email forwards (those were a thing a couple of decades back!), personal updates, articles and news updates from my b-school.. An year later, there were many people whom I came to know only through my blog. Never met in person, never interacted in real life but just connected through the blogs/comments.

Gradually, blogging became an activity that I got hooked to. Updates were erratic, random and of many types, from rants to celebrations, but they were there. Some written in haste, some written over many weeks. These irregular snippets of my life did not mean much at that point of time. There was no purpose behind it. These were incidental engagements.

Now, when I go through the blog entries of a decade I revisit my past with an indescribable fondness. Learning from that, I am looking forward to blogging more. This time with some intent, purpose and discipline.

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