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Writing is Hard

I have a strong and irresistible eagerness to write. Most of my writing comprises countless pages of journal writing and for a long time I’ve always wondered: Can I write about something other than myself for once? In my brain it seems like a simple task, but as it turns out, it’s not. I’m struggling to write for an audience. I scarcely read my own work, so what makes it worthy of someone else’s attention? Since I do a lot of journal writing, I’ve decided to write these entries a little more thoughtfully. Writing for readers is one of my biggest hurdles, and I anticipate that writing these pieces and posting them online will help me practice. 

In pursuit of outlets to practice writing, I discovered Verblio. So far, this is the only content mill that has accepted me. The rejection from the other sites was a little discouraging; It did not help my confidence as a writer. However, the first article I published to Verblio was purchased and that kind of made up for the rejections. The compensation for entry-level writers is remarkably low, but there is potential for a little side cash as you climb up the ladder. Content mills probably won’t replace my full-time job anytime soon, but it IS good practice. Becoming a stronger writer and creating better content is more vital to me right now than making money. 

As I expand my skills, I’ll be able to establish a proper portfolio and explore real freelance writing jobs. Verblio and other content mills will still have their place in my workflow, but they’ll be utilized to fill in time gaps, or when I’m in between freelance assignments. 

A substantial part of that hankering to write comes from the necessity to free myself of my full-time job cooking. I love cooking, but the inadequate salary and hard, strenuous effort is taking its toll on me. It’s also creating a greater divide between me and my partner. If I could work from home, I could visit her in Europe (where she lives) and stay longer. This is my primary motivation to make it as a writer. I’m doing this for myself, but she’s my main motivation. I suppose you could say I’m actually doing it for her, for us. 

I dream of the day that I get off that airplane, laptop in grip, ready to live life on my own terms and watching as my love runs towards me in a frenzied dash to hug and kiss me a thousand times. I can’t wait to embrace her again and experience what her love offers once more.

It doesn’t matter how pinched for time I am, or if I have writer’s block, or whatever. I WILL keep writing and I WILL keep improving. Writing is hard, true, but living without her is harder and as long as she’s constantly on my mind, I’ll keep moving this train forward. 

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