Week 1 of 68: Starting a new job, "NCSP: Foundation"

Tomorrow is the first day of my new job and I am both very nervous and very excited. I haven't worked on a schedule in quite a long time now, and both time management and waking up early have never been my strongest areas, but I'm determined to do the best I can in both of these areas, and to develop a system that works for me. I've purchased a few guides from Black Girl Lost Keys and am planning on looking more closely at Unfuck Your Habitat's September posts, and identifying critical areas that will either keep me on or throw me off track.

This week I'm also going to start looking at the study material for the NCSP Foundation course. I was very kindly offered this course by the cybersecurity-professionals twitter account a few months ago when stressing about being unemployed. I have only been able to look at the introductory section so far because of scheduling, but from what I've seen it seems really well laid out, and comes with a lot of useful resources. 

One of the main uses for this blog is going to be an outlet to talk about what I'm learning and the materials I'm using. It's not to be seen as an independent study resource for anyone else, nor is it a review or endorsement of the materials I'm using beyond that I wouldn't use something I don't find valuable. All it's meant to be is a place for me to strengthen what I am learning and possibly start a conversation about the subject matter at hand.

I'm going to go over all of the supplemental materials and see if there is any recommended pacing, or if I can gauge what my pace should be, as well as rewatch the videos from chapter 1, so I can talk about the material from the beginning.

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