Security Update + Bye-Bye Mailchimp

We have some exciting new progressions for Standard Notes to share:

1. A security update is available.

The Standard Notes server is built on top of an open source framework we develop called Standard File. Unlike typical servers, Standard File is designed to be trustless; that is, even if the server is hacked or compromised, your account and data won't be. Instead, we developed the Standard Notes architecture to trust the application you use on your devices, rather than the server that's beyond your control and out of your sight.

This security update decreases the reliance on a trustworthy server even more, by combining server output with application input to create a healthier balance of trust. If you're interested in the full details, please read the in depth explanation here.

As for you: when you upgrade your desktop application to 2.2 (or use the web app), you'll see a green message in the footer: "Security update available." Please follow that process to upgrade your account to the latest security version.

2. Bye-Bye Mailchimp

This is a big one. We're cutting ties with Mailchimp. And we've taken on the harrowing task of building our own user-messaging email implementation. This email you're reading? This is officially our first Mailchimp-free all-user email :)

Why? We didn't feel right passing on your email to Mailchimp, regardless of the privacy policy they had in place. But, building a custom campaign architecture is a tremendous undertaking, which we could not focus on until very recently, thanks to your support. We're proud to say that our new email system is finally complete and deployed, and your privacy protected by yet another measure.

For a technical overview, please read our blog post:

Bye-Bye Mailchimp →

3. App improvements

Desktop and mobile versions 2.2 are now available, and come with some great under-the-hood improvements. Namely, incremental loading means that your app will now start up much quicker, and allow you to get to work while the rest of your notes are loaded and decrypted in the background.

On mobile, Extended editors will now load much quicker, especially on iOS.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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