Pulling Lean Thinking Concepts Into the Field of K-12 Educational Technology

Just pondering the idea of writing posts about “pulling” lean thinking concepts and methodologies into the field of K-12 educational technology (ed-tech) operations to help increase operational value, improve work flow, and reduce waste.

Core concepts include:

  • Systems Thinking (How does this affect the entire organization? How does this benefit us beyond right now?)
  • Customer Focus (Who are our actual “customers”? Students, Staff, Administration?)
  • Continuous Improvement (How can we improve our processes?)
  • Visualizing Work (How do we measure, limit, collaborate, make transparent, and increase the accountability of our work?)
  • Create Value / Reduce Waste (Are we using public tax dollars or private contributions wisely and in good faith? Are the solutions we implement positively impacting our actual “customers”?)
  • Leadership (Are we leading by example? Are we working together with our entire organization to learn and improve? Are we communicating and collaborating as a team?)

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