2020 Events

January — World War 3 (US - Iran) / Kobe Bryant Dies
February — Australian Brush Fires Peak
March — COVID-19 Quarantine
April — Kim Jong Un Dead Rumor / UFOs
May — George Floyd Murdered (BLM)
June — Defund Police World Movement
July — Hong Kong Student Arrest
August — Beirut Explosion
September — California Wildfires
October — Donald Trump gets COVID
November — Joe Biden Wins Election
December — COVID-19 Vaccine Approved

Initial Blog Post

I'm currently using slc.is as my blog, but this might be interesting to use... especially if it has RSS built-in.

My current setup is costing money but it's fun to have a site. I just don't know if I'll always have time to maintain it. In case I don't, this would be a nice alternative.