A Stoic Journal is an experiment started when I enrolled on Stoic Week 2020.
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2020.10.21 / Stoic Week 2020 / Wednesday


Didn't meditate.


1. Ethos
2. Honesty
3. Integrity
4. Courage
5. Wisdom
6. Humility

I think I agree with the direction of the Stoic philosophy about virtues in life. Definitely are more important than "preferred indiferents" since they are applied to the core of the patchy and accompany the person to the self development path.

Will return to reflect more upon that.


As I proceeded to the day I managed to get some kind of control over yesterday's crisis and also not be so distracted from the things that really matter. Therefore I guess wisdom and courage - at least - helped toward this direction.

2020.10.20 / Stoic Week 2020 / Tuesday


Didn't do the morning meditation. Was distracted by a personal crisis.


Happiness in the sense of the ancient Greek eudaimonia can indeed be used as a framework. Connecting hapinness with a purpose, a way of living rather than a good feeling can make a tremendous difference in everyday life especially in times of crises.

For example during the lockdown we were forced to work remotely so we had to deal with it. It was easier to do so when we had in mind that our end goal is to make things work in order to preserve our cash flow and clients. If we had focused to whether we are happy about this change we would have probably end up depressed.

I have to reflect furthermore to this specific concept.


Still on crisis management mode so I wouldn't say I achieved that. Not today st least :)

2020.10.19 / Stoic Week 2020 / Monday


If virtue promises to enable us to achieve happiness, freedom from passion, and serenity, then progress towards virtue is surely also progress towards each of these states … if, when someone gets up in the morning … he bathes as a trustworthy person, and eats as a self-respecting person, putting his guiding principles into action in relation to anything he has to deal with, just as a runner does in practising running … this then is the person who is truly making progress; this is the one who hasn’t travelled in vain. Epictetus, Discourses 1.4. 4, 20-1  

How the four cardinal values apply today?

Wisdom: Ability to cherry pick the "right" information from the daily overload, critically review it and deal with the important stuff.

Courage: To assess our actions on a daily basis and own our mistakes / Ability to move past those mistakes afterwards.

Justice & Kindness: To actively help (by being there). To be sincere to people we care when they act in unethical ways, even if it hurts them.

Moderation & Self Control: Make good use of our time. Not get carried away by the digital plethora of information.


Ways in which I could become better in taking care of myself, others, or the world around me. Some first steps I can take this week and also some more long-term aims.   

  1. Help others feel comfortable with the pandemic -> goal: better average phychological health on our close environment.
  2. Help the community / free mentorship to causes that promote education, self - cultivation.
  3. Myself / taking things slowly so that I have time to think and plan.
  4. My Team / Work with them with a goal of becoming independent/ not need every day guidance.


From Sextus [I learnt] kindliness … the idea of living according to nature; seriousness without affectation; perceptiveness in gauging his friends’ needs … the ability to fit in with everyone, so that his company was more pleasant than any kind of flattery, while at the same time he aroused the greatest respect from those who were with him; a secure and methodical discovery and organization of the principles necessary for life; never to give the impression of anger or any other passion but to be at once completely free of passion and yet full of affection for other people; to speak well of others without making a fuss about it, and deep learning without ostentation. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 1.9

I am grateful from my friends. They have taught me a great deal of things. To try and understand people from their perspective, not mine; to engage and give them time to share who they are; to listen but use logic and critical thinking before I act (especially when I try to help); to be available; to share; to be honest / own my mistakes because with understanding we are taking steps forward, together.