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Face to face with spiritual bankruptcy (part 1)

The processing of business and the spirit together, do not really go hand in hand. They are not a match to work well together. They are more like pieces to a two dimensional puzzle that look like they could fit together, but really do not. The spirit of life is not two dimensional. Business is. And the arm of business is marketing, that reaches to advertising, which is what many people jump on or have jumped on for a long time, to sell products, ideas or find attention. At present, advertising...
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First new reflection

We can say that we reflect each other in some ways. We look at each other and see ourselves, which ultimately prompts us to turn inward and look at ourselves again. At least it should. Maybe for the first time. This is important – As a greek proverb says… know thyself, know the world. Self-knowledge is a topic of its own. This is about looking into the tech mirror as the human reflection. The computer or phone that offers you the internet of many things. It does not cover the internet used or ...
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The teacher

Be mindful, for one day you may find the answer you are looking for and easily pass it by. We often look outward for something or someone when we need an answer, when we look for something to push us forward, a clue, or even when we are looking for an actual teacher. This teacher can be translated as your leader, or someone you look to at a time of uncertainty and discomfort. Most people search for that person, that character figure who fits the mold of what we trained ourselves to look for, w...
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The art of letting go

Letting go... really The new age (or old age) classic of “letting go” serves its purpose on a deeper level when done correctly. Unfortunately these are only two words that anyone can use in many situations. What does it mean to truly let go? What does it mean to hold on to something? And how can one tell you these two words when we know people impact other people and leave imprints? *Here the focus is on the self (the internal) and some external connections. It does not address the bonds of d...
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Part of Reality

If you choose to live in someone else’s reality that is apart from your own, prepare to live with their rules if there is no compromise. Getting absorbed in others’ languages and perspectives is not the way-- In fact it will most likely do damage, because it is only a piece of the truth and is easy entry for manipulation. Not to say everyone manipulates, but it seems to run rampant in certain areas or groups. Completely immersing yourself in someone else’s perspectives is not even healthy on a g...
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Perception and Reality

Orig publish 4 Dec Part of Understanding (Part 1) Perception can rule a person. If it turns into belief, and then a habit, it is now something solid that has the ability to take over many generations. Habits can even leave impressions found on our genes. Perception is not so individualistic. We are human and live and work in groups. This is why groups of people can have the same or similar perceptions. The most common example is a religious or spiritual belief. There are other, meaningful reas...
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The collective subconscious

Orig published 10 Dec Or unconscious. It may have different labels. But this is the bigger connection we find with each other, only we are not always aware of it. Some people are more aware of it than others, and some may try to take advantage of this knowledge with others that do not know so much about it. So people should be reminded of this. But not to worry, mastering such an understanding is like mastering the grabbing and keeping of air and space. Not going to happen. If you look at ant...
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The Nature of Extremes

21 Dec 2022 It is like the hot and cold, the low and high, heaven and underground, the starving and the fat, the helpless and the guru, the fan and the famous, the powerful and the poverty. The extremes of dichotomy – that need one another to exist. Each feeds off of each other to exist. Each needs the other to be in their place, to survive, thrive and live in that position. And in reality, they are one, moving each other, coming together, moving apart, like two arms of the same body. But it i...
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