Ubuntu - Add .AppImage to the dock as a favourite.

Here is the source article. All credit to the original author.

Desired outcome:

  • Launch an ".AppImage" application from an icon on the dock.


  • The .AppImage for the application.
  • Path to the .AppImage on local system
    • I chose "/home/USER_NAME/Programs/"
  • Icon for the .AppImage
    • Find the Standard Notes image on their website.
    • I chose to keep the icon in same location as the ".AppImage"


  • I'm setting this up for the standard notes application. If you follow this guide for another application make sure to change the name.

Steps to achieve desired outcome:

  • Using a text editor, in my case vim, create a .desktop file in "/usr/share/applications/".
sudo vim /usr/share/applications/standard-notes.desktop
  • I've prefixed the .desktop file name with "standard-notes" as that's the application name.

  • Add the following text to the file making sure to change paths and names to suit your set-up.

    #!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Standard Notes
    Comment=Standard Notes
  • Make the file executable:

    sudo chmod +x /usr/share/applications/standard-notes.desktop
  • Logout and back in.

  • After logging in search for your application in the "dash menu".

    • You can do this by pressing the "super-key" and typing in the application name.
  • Launch the application. This will make the icon visible on the dock.

  • Right click the icon and choose "Add to favourites".

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