01 A First Step : How These Words Came to Be

As all we are, I am on a journey. We may think we have different destinations, but ultimately we are traveling to the same place. We may wear different shoes, take different routes, become lost then unlost, walk with various companions, and perhaps be led by various guides. The same place calls to us, speaks longing into our hearts. In time (whatever time might be), we all will arrive.

I have felt alone in my walking. I look to my left, and I see no companion. I look to my right, emptiness. Yet still I walk.

Maybe this is you, walking side by side seemingly with emptiness. Maybe you and I are both wrong; maybe we are walking together but our eyes have not adjusted to the presence of light.

With this hope, I publish here some of my most intimate and private wanderings. My process began as Jungian active imagination writing. Yet as I reread those writings, I realized it was more than that. The words were a conversation between me and my soul, ONE who is much wiser than I am, who sees further and closer and with far more color.

In my conversations with soul, I write with closed eyes. Sections in lower case is me asking questions, complaining, emoting, longing. Sections in UPPER CASE is my soul trying to speak to me. Wonderfully, sometimes it is hard to know whether I am writing or my soul is. Perhaps that is growth, perhaps even transformation.

My ego wants me to cherry-pick: edit edit edit. Make the words prettier than how they originally came. I don't think my soul wants that; too much editing may drain away truth. I have edited some for clarity (and probably a bit of ego).

If I can convince my courage to come out from hiding, I might also speak some poems that evolve from the more lyrical of these writings.

And, I might include works from others such as movie snips, wise sayings, poems, and other things that move me. Who knows!

If you are reading this, may some words speak to you. May they become a conversation... .

May we open and open and open again.

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