Day 2 (12.24.19) - Writing is about what, exactly?

Writing is about expressing your imagination as it unfolds. If you do this often, on a regular basis, you sharpen your ability to express your ideas with clarity. That means getting better at creating a product.

There are lots of fun ways to develop this ability. Try thinking of something that’s fun to write about. For example, imagine there’s a perfect colony on Mars that would sustain human life and offer all opportunity for a flourishing civilization, but cell phones would be banned. How would that turn out? Would it take days or hours for the boredom to evolve into full-scale massacre? Trampled greenhouse crops and blood-splattered glass domes come to mind.

Writing is about working but not trying to be a writer. Find a public medium that fosters the outpouring of your dark and damaged consciousness. If you churn out dogshit, even the tiniest feeling of accountability and shame will trigger your survival skills and you’re writing will become more clear and entertaining. Start with a blog.

Finally, writing is about realizing that writing isn’t special. Writing is everywhere all the time. Like germs and social chaos. If you feel compelled to write, that’s fine. Do it but don’t talk about it. Just try to make it a habit while focusing entirely on making money. If you can sell it, it’s good. Even the shittiest writing is good, as long as it sells. The Sound and The Fury is a perfect example. It’s over-complicated garbage, but it created innumerable opportunities for literary analysis (more writing! lots more garbage!). And that’s fine. It’s more than fine. It’s a beautiful scam, a craft, a grift. That’s what writing is all about. Production.

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