Day 5 (12.27.19) - Grey's Anatomy

If you took a shot of Jägermeister every time somebody in the show mentioned sex, you'd die of alcohol poisoning within 10 minutes. An obsession with sex comes from the puritanical view that it’s transgressive; taboo. People who think sex is natural rarely talk about it, unless they’re paid to (like a teacher or a phone sex operator). Grey’s Anatomy, in all its unashamed glory, takes it a step further. The show doesn’t just titillate with constant mention of sex; it links sex with marriage. In other words, any relationship that starts with sex ends (or truly begins) with marriage. Either the couple that has sex gets married or a person who engages in casual sex learns from this “mistake” and they can continue on the righteous path to monogamous commitment. The same formula applies to 50 Shades of Grey; a porn that makes readers feel zero guilt for enjoying porn. The same master narrative applies to these and a million other works of entertainment: Everything can and should lead to marriage, and men and women have the same needs and emotions, so it's okay to go crazy and take no responsibility for your emotions. Going crazy won't stand in your way of becoming a doctor either, apparently. In fact, says Grey's and Friends and 50 Shades, the only way to get anywhere in life is to let your emotions run wild at all cost to self and others. 

Praise the gods of entertainment 

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