Day 6 (12.28.19) - Boredom is God

Boredom is the nothingness that gives birth to art, war, progress, gardens, pasta, parades and mathematics. Boredom is a driving force. But what sort of boredom are we dealing with now, in an age where abundance is our curse? What kind of force is this? Likely the same force that have birth to Google. It’s a force of gluttony and addiction. Apple is a more refined drug, arguably, but a drug nonetheless. Google is more of a gateway whereas Apple is a drug in itself. Google and also Facebook have fostered an addiction to dopamine via outrage, binging on speed and information. Good or bad, who knows. Certainly inevitable, as new rules are invented every day. The next two decades are going to ravage our minds for good and bad. What to do? Just practice stepping back and noticing. Meditation will help with this. Read books. Develop ancient skills like playing instruments and writing. Learn to cook. Win and lose staring contests with your pets and other animals. Learn how to get sex without an app. Relax and use your eyes. Listen to full albums only. Drink lots of water. Adopt routine as your new God. Start today.

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