Day 7 (12.29.19) - Standard Notes is Superb and Everyone Should Buy It

Standard Notes feels like what everyone would be using if The Matrix was real and the human race had to start over and do things right. Standard Notes is an example of almost-perfection in economy of space. Timeless. It might feel strange, at first, to pay for something so simple. That feeling goes away and Standard Notes quickly becomes the first app you will open on your device. When you take away all the issues with Word and Google Docs and all the other flashy notes apps, you have Standard Notes. It is good on the eyes, a delight for the brain. It is very likely that it will get even better over time.

Oddly, the Chromebook has a similar feel. Given that Google is a black hole into which our data is sucked, it's interesting that Chrome OS is one of the simplest and most secure operating system available. The lack of privacy is the remaining problem. Standard Notes represents a very effective means of mitigating that problem. It grants the user privacy and extra security in an already-secure system. This is important. People shouldn't be forced to spend $560,000 dollars to have all their devices and information synced properly. Nor should people be forced to give up their privacy in exchange for an affordable and effective computing device. The Chromebook is a superb product. The only issue is the lack of privacy. If you have a Chromebook, add Standard Notes and ProtonMail to your life.  

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