Day 9 (12.31.19) - Achievement in the New Year

Choose three forms of practice and perform them daily. To this, add a workout routine. Really stick to it. When you commit to goals, the rest of your bland life bends to commitment. When your day is full or almost full of routine, leisure time is earned and soon you find yourself living out a healthy balance of work and play. How do we commence with this new paradigm for living? Choose a reasonable time frame for each goal. Here's an example: Practice playing the guitar 15 minutes every day. Practice scales to a metronome set at 35 beats per minute (bpm). When you can play that scale (at that speed) perfectly and with your eyes closed, increase the speed to 50, then 65, then 80, then 100. If you have a scale mastered at 100 bmp, you will be able to quickly learn many new songs and new scales. You can also meditate for 10 minutes every day, write for 10, and so on. Unfortunately, some days will fuck you over completely and you won't get to practice anything. But those days are few for most people, and that's ok. Maybe you can only practice one or two things. Just try to fill up more of your time with practice and you will eventually discover what is enjoyable. You will discover worthy challenges and you will have more appreciation for the people, places, and things around you. Because when you practice and focus hard, you are immersed and living in the moment. It's all meditation, really. The options for practice (and options for combining multiple practices) are limitless. Make sure at least one of them is for physical health. This will help you sustain focus in all other practice. And just to play with the gods a little, start this on January 2nd. Don't do anything because it's a new year. Do it to do it. 

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