Day 10 (1.1.20) - The Eagles

The Eagles are just about perfect. Every sound matters, every note on every instrument is played (and recorded) perfectly, the production is pristine, and the majority of songs are catchy, palatable, or full-on brilliant. The more you listen to The Eagles, the more you get. Their near-perfection demands high-quality headphones or speakers. That's when you really appreciate these bastards. They put together some absolutely brilliant compositions. Never overly-complicated or simplistic. Lyrics as clever as they are clear. And through-the-roof talent. Consider this. Take it Easy is the first song on their first album. One of the most radio-friendly, catchy, and smoothest songs in rock history is their first song on their first album. There are a few bands that pull this off (some examples: REM, Stone Temple Pilots, The Beatles, Rage Against the Machine), but the vast majority take an album or two to find a sound. Only the true greats start out with fire, right out of the gates. The documentary History of the Eagles highlights their brilliance and offers a compelling starting point for diving into the great band's catalog. When you are young and prone to not listening entirely with your ears, it is easy to dismiss some of their music as "lame", but if you give them a good listen with proper speakers/headphones, the brilliance of The Eagles is staggering in almost every song. Listen good. Give true, hard-working artists the appreciation they deserve. 

Praise the gods of entertainment

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