Day 11 (1.2.20) - Meditation script #1

Take a comfortable seat, sit up straight and close your eyes. Notice your breathing in the nose or in the chest. And now feel gravity pulling you into your seat. And begin to feel gravity pulling you toward the centre of the earth. Imagine moving through the ground, past layers of dirt and rocks, past dinosaur bones and buried treasure, past the broken skulls of human sacrifices, past elf skeletons buried by their brethren after the great wars. And now feel the dirt itself; its dryness or wetness, its unique cold, its coarseness, your head and genitals hitting the occasional rock or stick or femur. Feel this for the next minute or so...Now feel the heat grow as pass the half way point towards the molten core. Now feel the relief as you pass into the taverns of the Morlocks, as you feel the air from their ventilation system. Rather than suppressing fear as the Morlock sentinels approach you with obsidian daggers, try to feel it more acutely. Feel every sensation; the shortness of breath, the urine sliding out of you, the twitching eyelids and panicked heart. And now gravity, your savior, pulls you even faster and you escape torture and a primal death. You’re moving back toward the core and the heat is now all you feel. But instead of feeling it on your skin first, try to feel it internally. Let the heat boil the marrow in your bones until they start to crack. Let them burst at the sides and splinter into your muscles. Ignore the pain, come back to the breath; focus on every inhale and exhale, every rise of the chest, and keep your consciousness wide open as you reach the earth’s molten core. And now that it’s all over, praise gravity and all it’s force. Take a minute or two to reflect on everything you saw on your journey. Was there any buried treasure? How many skeletons did you see? Did you notice the worms? Do Morlocks deserve the same rights as us? Now forget all that. Drop everything. Picture the inside of an igloo.

And we’ll see you next time.

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