Day 12 (1.3.20) - Choosing Apps

The best music app, the best app for security and privacy, the best browser, the best this and that. It’s mind-numbing. But when you finally land on something. That is very sweet. Something simple and effective, to the point of being timeless. Notable examples are Standard Notes, ProtonMail, Sam Harris’ Waking Up course, Bitwarden, Spotify (bit much at times), and others. The key is to find companies that focus their efforts on one or a few integrated things. Apple and Google make good products, but they are cunts about luring in consumers. For ease of mind, go for cross-platform apps that work just as well in any browser. Someone steals your computer, you can pick up any device with the Internet and go to town. The Chromebook is superb for this. It’s Google, but it’s extremely secure and lightweight apps soar in Chrome. Apple is about build quality and aesthetics but that walled garden shit is a thing of the past. Trillion dollar companies. Holy Christ. Support the smaller companies. They’re starting a path that the Internet should have followed many years back. But that’s alright. Google and Apple had to happen because humanity is about experimenting and pushing boundaries; ethical, economic, philosophical, and others. Practice standing back, letting your vision open wide, and just look at the way things are. No judgment. Just look and think about things lightly. Have peace in these aggressive times.

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